LycheeGST is the power Capsule of every company’s Inventory. Which is a best Solution Of Purchase, Sales (Invoices) and All GSTR File Returns we give a solution For Big Business as well as small business teams, to benefit from LycheeGST’s capabilities.


You Can Create E-Way Bill:

  • To Create E-Way bill Click Add New/Edit Button and Fill all Mandatory Fields to generate E-way Bill.
  • To Add Items for E-Way Bill Click on Add ItemsButton to Add Items.
  • After Fill all Items Click SAVE and then Exit to main Page (E Way Bill Generation Page).

IMPORT Invoice From Excel to Generate E-Way Bill

  • Select your uploading template and after that browse or choose your detail Excel file.
  • After that click on upload button, it will automatically pick up your record detail for E-way bill and also import all items to the Item list.
  • NOTE – Please Use Template Excel Format to upload your E-Way Bill detail for this process, or Contact to DasTec Support.
  • All details will uploaded just like below pictures, you have to just click on Generate EWB No. and to Print Click on Print EWB.